New Police Mobile Fingerprint Scanner

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Police in Arizona are using a new contraversial mobile fingerprint scanner on suspects. A good and practical use of technology to keep us safer, or just another step towards living in a total police state? What do you think?

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  1. cmikolajczyk
    cmikolajczyk Jan 31, 2013

    Good technology. The scare tactics are not needed. It's technology we already have and use. It utilizes AFIS and NCIC in the field. All it does is confirm who you are, and that you're not using your brothers ID (Whom happens to look like you) so you don't get busted since you're wanted for rape and assault. It's not used to build a profile on you so we can control your life, that's nonsense. We police are just civilians like you, who take the extra step to serve and protect our friends, family, children, and community. We happen to receive lots of bad press, but it's only because it will get people to read the article and see the adds. This technology only uses what takes hours to get to, and applies it in the field to hopefully prevent a person who's done bad things from getting away and possibly hurting somebody else.

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