Cops Raid Vet's Home and Kill His Dog

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BUFFALO, NY (WKBW) - Adam Arroyo has lived in his Breckenridge apartment for three years but has never experienced a day like this past Monday; when police busted down his door in search of drugs, shooting and killing his dog in the process.

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  1. 30724413
    30724413 Jun 06, 2013

    This makes me sick. I understand that the police are doing their jobs, but the commander in charge of the swat team needs to answer for this mistake. Sorry, yes I know it was a mistake, but that's what he got paid for, to minimize mistakes. hopefully the person to fill his shoes doesn't make the same mistake.

  2. 26472852
    26472852 Jun 07, 2013

    If someone killed my dogs like that (my children) they would have to kill me too. More abuse of power going on the communist state of NY.

  3. ChiefBoring
    ChiefBoring Jun 07, 2013

    First, they got the wrong apartment. Then, they, like cowards, shot a tied up dog. Several times. Apparently they are not good shots, or they paniced. Really brave cops. This is happening too often. We are United States Citizens, and the government works for us, and we should not be put into a position to fear it. I hope this Vet gets a good lawyer, and ends up owning the police department. These cops should be fired, as they obviously do not have the proper mindset to serve as officers.

  4. cmm07r
    cmm07r Jun 07, 2013

    As specific as search warrants are (at least the ones I have read are so specific it's torture to read them) how is this happening so often? It's like once a month I hear of a SWAT team breaking down a door or raiding a house, only to find out it's the wrong house.

  5. Kegler300
    Kegler300 Jun 07, 2013

    These incompetent, dumbass cops need to financially compensate Arroyo and then be fired!

  6. 8925556
    8925556 Jun 07, 2013

    When you carry and use a firearm as a function of your job, you are not allowed mistakes. Thank God didn't kill Adam Arroyo. People under the color of authority, be they Federal or Civil are out of control. Sadly with the feminization of the American males in this country, it will only get worse.

  7. 8852274
    8852274 Jun 07, 2013

    Don't stop suing those bas-terds!!!!!!

  8. AFUS1
    AFUS1 Jun 12, 2013

    Lethal injection would be deserving punishment for those cops

  9. cmikolajczyk
    cmikolajczyk Jun 15, 2013

    A few of these comments are a little out of the park. It's sad what happened, but you also have to consider that you are listening to the one side of the story. The dog may have been chained up alright, on a 15 leash? That would change things, now wouldn't it. I can see how the officers would've seen it necessary to do the actions they did. If you were executing a search warrant, and you were going through a house, and you turned to find a dog about to attack you, are you going to check to see how long it's leash is to make sure you're safe, or are you going to protect you LIFE. My point exactly. However, the details could be exactly as the complainant described, or they may not be. Either way, I see why they might have done it. Ignore the other irrelevant facts like the 304 UF and 304 UR. Sorry about the dog man, but they didn't murder your dog in cold blood. I will shoot anybody's dog if I believe it is attacking me. EOR.

  10. 30920549
    30920549 Jul 04, 2013

    These killers didn't murder this dog in his home by accident ! These organised murders happen every day all over the country. None of these victims got justice and these nazi's keep on murdering and terrorising people and animals !! This is mass slaughter, exact what the nazi's did to the german people, wake up americans !

  11. 30920991
    30920991 Jul 05, 2013

    Dear Mr Arroyo.. please accept my heartfelt condolences for the murder of your beloved family companion. My heart aches over the agony and anger you must be feeling. Please, if I can help you with some kind of assistance, I don't have much but I will try to help in any way I can... Please know you are not alone. Many, many people across America share the rage with you. You are a far better man than any of those heartless liars that shamed their fellow officers. You will be in my prayers tonite that God will hold her hand and get you thru it.. God bless you sir all your days and may the rest of them be safe and happy..

  12. FrankieRebel
    FrankieRebel Sep 09, 2013

    there you go sword....glad to see you have an understanding side. On the other hand Cmik you still cant open your eyes. lol 15 foot chain...HAHAHA its a puppy dog bro. That dog in the picture looked as harmless as a damn puppy. They probably shot the dog in hopes the gang banger would come home and see his dog shot. Stop defending stupidity of gun crazy police officers who cannot asses a crime scene properly. Wrong apartment, i mean come on man. You dont think this guy deserves some kind of justice. They ruined his home and killed his pet. Broke his doors and put bullet holes in his wall. This is the thanks he gets after fighting for the damn country they live in. shame

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