Cops Kill Man Watering His Plants

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Police shoot and kill a man because they thought his hose nozzle was a pistol. Another tragic and uneccessary death. Condolences to the victim's family.

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  1. 30809771
    30809771 Jul 07, 2013

    Come on, he was drunk holding what does look like a gun and held it just like a gun. He was not watering anything!!!!! Turn it around, say the womans brother was one of the cops and he d id have a gun and the cops said it could have been a water nozzle and he shot one of the cops she'd be calling lawyers to sue because they "thought" it was a nozzle.

  2. 4499124
    4499124 Jul 08, 2013

    People have been shot dead by police officers as they see a black handgun w/o an orange muzzle tip which means a pellet/bb pistol. Big 5 Sporting Goods sells them besides some "adult" pistols minus the tip. This is in California. This latest death is a tragic mistake....

  3. Chockblock
    Chockblock Jul 09, 2013

    No vidoe. So the police say believe their story What about the command to drop the weapon Mail in a nozzle to the police department

  4. 17281673
    17281673 Jul 09, 2013

    Another quick to shoot and not ask questions. I am a former soldier and I can tell the difference from a water nozzle and a pistol. A shotgun with slugs was used if fired from a distance. And then using there service weapons fired multiple times. These cops need to be held on manslaughter charges. I know it's a bad world we live in, but use your head more and not your weapon every time YOU feel threaten. No wonder most people have no respect for our police forces.

  5. cmikolajczyk
    cmikolajczyk Aug 16, 2013

    Really guys? Somebody points what you believe to be a gun at you, you don't think you're going to respond with the same force you're using against you? It looks like a gun, somebody said it was a gun, he's pointing it at you, it is reasonable to believe it is a gun. I would've made the same call given those exact circumstances, but it's too bad it wasn't a gun he had. Had it been a gun in his hand, and I hesitated, I would be dead. People hate me when I'm in uniform because they see the way others depict us. Because "Cops kill people for watering their plants", really? I'd really like to meet the jerk that put that up.

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