Cops Enter Vet's Home and Taze Him

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Cotati, California Cops Enter Disabled Vet's Home, Taze Him in Front Of His Family -- Police are called out to an apartment for a noise compliant by the neighbors. The three occupants inside non-aggressively exercise their fourth amendment right, refusing the police entry as they demand at gun point to let them inside without a search warrant or probable cause. As the police quickly holster their weapons after the camera turns on, the three occupants continue to exercise their rights non-aggressively. The police respond by going into "over-the-top" aggressive mode, utilizing excessive force by kicking in the door, assaulting the female and tazing the cameraman four times causing the camera to short out. All three occupants are arrested/cited for obstruction.

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  1. STEALTHy88
    STEALTHy88 Jun 08, 2013

    I think I have just lost all respect for Police Officers because of this video.

  2. 4529448
    4529448 Jun 08, 2013

    I see more and more of this everyday. The police don't even communicate with a person anymore. I don't understand the teasing ??? WHY WHY WHY This is not right... What am I missing?

  3. mobow213
    mobow213 Jun 08, 2013

    1st the subject was only Taser Once before the video stop working. 2nd in a Suspect domestic voilence event. The two parties must be seperated to get their store and to see why they are fighting. Why cause at one time the cops would leave only to find out that the husband had been holding a gun to his wife that the police didnt see and such. 3rd the door and taser could of been avoided if both parties step outside and spoke with the police. 4th for everyone that said the lost all respect, Do you know what happen before the camera was turn on. Did the person that called the cops hear someone yelling they where going to kill the others. Think how loud you must get for the person next door to hear you.

  4. DaddyLongLegsUSA
    DaddyLongLegsUSA Jun 08, 2013

    Flash a warrant, that easy!

  5. spidermanops
    spidermanops Jun 08, 2013

    I used to be a COP and I see no reason based on the video and the description, for those officers to enter the home.

  6. PruneDog
    PruneDog Jun 08, 2013

    Looks to me they got what they asked for. Police at your door for a suspected domestic voilence and you refuse to open the door, yeah like the police are just going to leave. "The police respond by going into "over-the-top" aggressive mode" man really hate to see them calm, they can barely be heard on the video at time yet the're in the "over-the-top aggressive mode. Seem to me that this couple have alot more issues than what the video shows. I guessing because the man is video taping the police, it's not the first, second or last time they will be called to his house. Don't want to police to taser you do what the police tell you when they show up at your door. If your doing nothing wrong you won't get tased or arrested.

  7. 509-K9
    509-K9 Jun 08, 2013

    Weenie got what he deserved. The neighbors heard him assault his wife and he impeded their investigation. So the jerk makes believe he's an attorney. In the true sense of domestic violence, she supports him out of fear. The concept is, obey the officers and sue later if you feel you've been abused. All cops get tazed in the academy. It's not pleasant, but it's non-leathal

  8. 509-K9
    509-K9 Jun 08, 2013

    Spiderman, what type of "cop" were you? A road guard?

  9. dfarrand
    dfarrand Jun 09, 2013

    This is a trend everywhere. Every citizen is encouraged to defund their local police. Demand the opportunity to vote on police budgets and vote to cut them. I live in wyoming and there is way too much law enforcement here. The police are a threat to our liberties.

  10. 30369556
    30369556 Jun 09, 2013

    I'm a veteran cop and let me help clarify what happened. The man stated "there is no domestic violence here". This statement means the police were called to the residence by someone who reported a domestic disturbance. Police have a legal obligation to make sure everyone is safe before leaving a DV call or face termination and/or civil suits. But the police could have handled that way better. I would have asked the man or woman to step out and talk to me if they didn't want me in the house. From there you can open a dialog and usually get compliance through respect. But it's obvious that the man wanted some sort of conflict from police as well and has issues. Both parties are responsible for this situation esculating unnecessarily. And on a side note, people love to blame police for everything, this is a sign of the decline of America. We view the police as the bad guys and view the bad guys as victims.

  11. 30369556
    30369556 Jun 09, 2013

    dfarrand, Are you serious? What a ignorant post. The police unhold the laws and keep society from eating itself alive. Police are just average people. Please explain how police are a "threat to our liberties" as you put it. What laws have the police inacted? None. You need to point your misguided anger at the federal government and the worthless politicians. Everyone, to include the police are puppets on the string to the politicians and fed's. For GOD sake use your brain for once.

  12. 30844832
    30844832 Jun 09, 2013

    How in this country can the police do this without a warrant?

  13. 509-K9
    509-K9 Jun 12, 2013

    Case law provides exceptions to search warrants and most other protections including Miranda. If cops were motivated to protect the wife or others who may be in danger, down comes the door. New York City Police were investigating a kidnapping where a suspect demanded a lawyer. Detectives ignored the demand and eventually had the suspect lead them to a shallow grave where the victim was buried. The courts said this emergency outweighed his right to silence. Other exceptions exist too. If Spider was a real cop he would know this

  14. cmikolajczyk
    cmikolajczyk Jun 15, 2013

    Why is everybody so hateful of each other? It is like you all are just trying to fight each other? THE VIDEO DOES NOT SHOW ENOUGH EVIDENCE TO SUPPORT THAT THE OFFICERS WERE, OR WERE NOT JUSTIFIED IN THEIR ACTIONS. Should the call have been related to a person in danger, the officers may have had the right to enter the premises due to the possible safety risk to those in the house. We don't know exactly what went on, or know for sure what the complaint was. This video looks terrible, and if it had actually been a noise disturbance, they should not have entered the house, they had no reason too. Simply ask them to turn it down, if they did not comply, a citation could be issued depending on how the local laws are written. We weren't there, most of you are be prejudice with your comments. Spiderman had made a valid point, whether you bothered to try to understand his POV or not seems to be the issue. I am real law enforcement, and I do not see a reason for them to have entered the home, given the information provided. {{{Noise Complaint being the call}}} If it were a Domestic dispute, Domestic violence, or other similar calls, I would say the other way. Thank you.

  15. LogicMine
    LogicMine Aug 02, 2013

    Whether you agree with the cops or not, the final and sensible recourse is the other half of law enforcement..........COURT. Because that's what court is for. To be the "DECIDING" entity of justice.

  16. CTOCS77
    CTOCS77 Aug 06, 2013

    Cops get their funding from the taxpayers and elected officials get elected by the people. More than one way to play this game.

  17. 28709585
    28709585 Aug 07, 2013

    Very poor judgement by the officers involved. Unfortunately this type of behavior won't result in any disciplinary action being taken against those officers either. It seems to me that those charged with upholding the law are often it's biggest violators. Some police officers work hard daily and do outstanding work. But as long as they are not held to a higher level of accountability, both internally and externally, then behavior like this will continue.

  18. USS8807
    USS8807 Sep 20, 2013

    It appears to be totally justified. It's clear the officers were there for a domestic violence call since the camera man himself said there was no domestic violence going on. But as an officer you cannot take his word for it because for all you know he could have threatened her to not say anything. Maybe there was a home invasion going on and people were held hostage in the back room. The fact is someone heard yelling and maybe even saw fighting and called the cops. There have been cases where similar incidents like this have occurred and the officers actually left w/o going inside or questioning all the people involved. Then later on they come to find out the husband killed the wife and kids then himself after the cops left. So law enforcement officers know what they are doing and they had every right to go inside that home since the idiots inside did not want to come out to be questioned after the officers asked more than once. I wish the public was more aware of the law and why officers must do what they do in certain cases. I think if more people knew the law better then there would be much better cooperation between officers and the public.

  19. 3895035
    3895035 Oct 06, 2013

    Police are given a lot of latitude when investigating domestic violence calls. For instance, here in Washington State the law reads: RCW 26.50.140 Peace officers — Immunity. No peace officer may be held criminally or civilly liable for making an arrest under RCW 26.50.110 if the police officer acts in good faith and without malice. The homeowner would have to prove the officers acted in bad faith or with malice. All the officers would have to do is provide a 911 call reporting domestic violence in order to get immunity.

  20. Nance_E
    Nance_E Nov 09, 2013

    To the guy that claimed to be a cop, they were there due to a domestice violence report. They say that in the video. In those situations a warrant is not needed and they are not supposed to leave until they search the house, seperate the parties, and ensure nothing is going on. If you were a cop you should know this or you just sucked at being a cop. If cops are there due to a domestic violence report and there is no violence going on then there is nothing to hide and no reason not to simply cooperate. Then everyone could get back to what they were doing. Where as not cooperating makes it seem like you are trying to hide something which would cause the cops to need to forcefully enter the building. The officers tried to get the parties outside to talk to them but instead they stay inside and refuse to let the officers in. Now what would happen if there was someone attacking one of the others and the cops just left? Then they could end up with someone dead all because they didn't check it out. Legally they had the right to kick the door open and enter simply because it was a domestic violence call and the parties in the house wouldn't go outside to talk and denyed them entry.

  21. zelda43
    zelda43 Nov 26, 2013

    Give semi feral humans a weapon like that and it will get abused. You can train and dress an animal. It is still an animal. But that is what they are hired to do. Most who get 'tased' refused other options. It is a give and take situation.

  22. 31671676
    31671676 Dec 09, 2013

    Cops are longer our friends.

  23. 14046253
    14046253 Apr 23, 2014

    We The People, Need to show them, all citizens are not criminals. They have an us against everyone attitude. Either you are Nazi "one of them" or you are a law breaker. In which case you are the enemy. What ever happened to "Protect and Serve" They think they are at war with the citizens of America. Rather than protecting us from criminals...

  24. 22097073
    22097073 Feb 13, 2015

    You veterans who take the side of these cops are a bunch of idiots. This a free country and cops have no right going around the law. Shame on you. SSgt Olson

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