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A Hero Cop's Final Act of Kindness

A San Diego Police Officer's final act of kindness. A very sad but touching story. RIP Officer Henwood. Please share this story with your friends and family, and help honor heroes like officer Henwood by visiting American Heroes on Facebook.

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  1. BonnUASCBM
    BonnUASCBM Nov 19, 2012

    God speed hero. You and those like you will sorely be missed.

  2. 7216384
    7216384 Nov 19, 2012

    Hero's like this is why we have a great country. This officer has changed this young boys life forever. "Only the good die young" God Speed Officer Henwood and thank you for your dedication, kindness, and service.

  3. 30100398
    30100398 Nov 30, 2012

    I hope they got the son of a bitch that shot him. god bless and thank you for your service. RIP man

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