Extreme Rating: Contains graphic material.

GRAPHIC: $5 Million Cop Brutality Suit

GRAPHIC: PRINEVILLE, Ore. - Curtis Hooper of Prineville is suing two counties, the city of Prineville and 15 people in federal court for more than $5 million. Having had frequent run-ins with the law, he says police in Jefferson and Crook county have harassed him for years. But last year, he says, it was taken to a new level. Hooper is still recovering from what he says a former Jefferson County Jail deputy did to him in May of 2010. Deputy Rob Robbins kicked a steel door shut on Hooper's hand. Eight days later, Robbins was fired. Robbins was charged with assault and later agreed to a plea deal in Wasco County as the case was tried before the district attorney in The Dalles. Mathers says Robbins had been reprimanded several other times for bad behavior. Robbins had been written up for assaulting another inmate, pulling over a woman while in his own car and civilian clothes while off-duty and out of his jurisdiction, assaulting Hooper once before the steel door incident, and having sexual relations with a woman who was a former inmate. After Hooper's fingers were slammed in the steel door in Jefferson County, he was not taken to the hospital. Three weeks after the assault. he finally got X-rays, and found out the bones in two of his fingers were shattered. An auto mechanic by trade, Hooper says he can't work because his fingers still need surgery.

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  1. 22011548
    22011548 Feb 14, 2013

    So, the guy is strapped down, with a spit mask, and they still want to hear him scream in pain. What a swell bunch of LAW ENFORCEMENT officers these guys are. I hope he gets his $5million. No matter what he did to get strapped down he was already SUBDUED!

  2. 31671676
    31671676 Dec 09, 2013

    Cops are no longer our friends.

  3. em21-36A
    em21-36A Mar 13, 2014

    more fuckin' pigs on a power trip. "to protect and serve" my ass. now with more video cameras everywhere, this is becoming the normal images seen all over America. i wonder how many face-less victims are out there, that were abused prior to camera phones being easily available to everyone ??

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