19 Year Old Muslim Shot by LAPD

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A police chase of an unarmed runaway motorist in LA who failed to stop for driving recklessly ended with the teenager being shot dead live on television. Officers fired more than 90 rounds at 19-year-old Abdul Arian after a pursuit on the freeway. The dramatic video shows an LAPD police patrol car smashing into Arian's car as he does a failed U-turn in the road before he flees simulating pointing a weapon at chasing police. News helicopter footage from CBS Sky 2 shows Arian jumping out of his car, turning and fleeing the scene running backwards. He then repeatedly spins around in a combat stance just before he was shot on the US 101 Freeway in Woodland Hills, LA. It has emerged that Arian made a frantic 911 call to police during the pursuit, saying he had a gun, but one wasn't recovered from the scene. Arian was shot dead by an officer as he fled his vehicle just before 10pm last night.

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  1. 29224263
    29224263 Apr 22, 2012

    A young man gets shot and dies in the middle of the city and some say it was justified!!! ??? Some say he deserved it!!!??? I am not related to this young man, and I do not agree with the way it was handled. We claim to be a civilized nation, super power with a Constitution that we all so much proud of it. Yet, we react with such excitement without hesitation judging right away that this young man deserved it. Why do we criticize third world countries??? I watched the video more than once and still believe it was handled wrong. I am a mother and I do not wish this on any one, especially some one this young. Our police force should and must abstain from using ammunition as a first option. We have a judicial system and our police force needs to respect that. Killing your own citizen is never a justice to any race. To those with negative comments toward this young deceased man, please for once in your pathetic lives do a research and find out how police force handles such situations in Europe. This young man did not come from a killing spree, while he drove all the way to woodland hills he did not hurt any one. He just panicked, but our police force claims to be trained so why shoot to kill while no bullets were coming from the victim's so called gun? I respect our police force, but no system is perfect!

  2. 29224263
    29224263 Apr 22, 2012

    I realize that every one jumps to a conclusion. Do you guys allow use of excessive force against any citizen? The victim initiated the chase, I agree. But, the police force concluded the chase in a very brutal and unprofessional manner. We should not judge based on the video, we do not know what words were exchanged. The 19 year old was shot numerous times include in the back. If any one of you face 8 cops with guns pointing at you, you would run too. Time will reveal the whole truth. The only way that the family can get justice is through suing the police. I want to know that how could kill a 19 year old in a country such as ours in the middle of civilians with 90 bullets is justified??????

  3. 29224263
    29224263 Apr 22, 2012

    In today’s enhanced technology, why does the plice force use firearms as a first option? I though it was the last resort. Also, why shoot him 90 times? Instead one shot on the foot was enough to apprehend him. I understand he was pointing an object at the police officers. were any bullets coming out of that object? Did the police hear shot guns? Why not use a different method in these situations. Pulling gun and treat everyone as killers and murders regardless of age is inhumane. I know, police officers are here to protect us but every situation should be handled differently. To avoid killing of innocent people Police officers need more training with different defense mechanism. Such as use of taser, syringe gun (tranquilizer), PAVA or CS spray or extendable ASP Baton. What if, instead of 19 year old man we had a 16 or 14 year old kid. The police would still acted in the same manner. Be logic, our officers are not fully trained. The quick decision to kill that young man raises a very sensitive issue. Watch the video and judge for your self. See the shattered windows on the building located behind the freeway. Are you kidding me! What if, some one was in that building? It is obvious LAPD made a very immature decision to shoot the young man regardless of who else could have been in danger in the surroundings area. The young man is a victim and police officers should find alternatives to resolve such situations. Firearms should be the last resort! I understand the young man made some irrational decisions by droving off and initiate the chase by endangering many others. OUR LAW ENFORCEMENT SWORN TO SERVE AND PROTECT! TO PROTECT, TO PROTECT REGARDLESS OF AGE, GENDER, RACE AND RELIGION! A rapist who rapes and kills innocent children, yet still has a right to defend himself, this young man did not get the chance!

  4. 4499124
    4499124 Apr 22, 2012

    From what I gather, the perp was running backwards with a shooter's stance and I fail to understand why over 90 rounds were fired at this suicidal perp. Aren't LAPD officers armed with .40 cal. Glocks? The key is knockdown power as in a .45 round, right?

  5. 27511641
    27511641 Apr 25, 2012

    just like we shouldn't profile muslims. Why? they are never the ones killing us!

  6. 7th_Psyops.Gp
    7th_Psyops.Gp Aug 02, 2012

    Why didn't this young man stop and throw his hands up in the air to surrender? Instead he runs,stops and turns around rapidly pointing something at the cops. The cops have but a split second to react and this is always going to be the end result. It looks like another suicide by cop.

  7. Green_and_Gold
    Green_and_Gold Aug 07, 2012

    29224263 As I have been in law enforcement for over 12 years I can tell you the Police Officers involved acted exactly right. You would perfer a Police Officer be shot before they can use ammutition. I know that most feel the same I do. I have a family and will do my duty and go home to them.

    WAWARON Aug 27, 2012

    That what I call gun control. One shot---one kill.And our police officers go home.Cops 1 punk 0.

  9. 26472852
    26472852 Oct 02, 2012

    One less haji

  10. cmikolajczyk
    cmikolajczyk Apr 24, 2013

    You're comfortable saying that these officer acted like monsters with no respect for human life. However, if you had to be in a pursuit of a person with unknown intent, who is leading you on a car chase, and you get word through the radio that the subject claims to have a gun, it is now a life or death situation. The subject is a threat to the officers, and every other person on the road. Now take into account he now has two deadly weapons, a couple thousand pound car, and possibly a gun. NOW< You get the subject stopped, and he starts running, and he points something at you. Are you going to say "I hope that's not a gun, please don't shoot me." Or are you going to assume the threat is real and credible. He claimed to have a gun, he shows no regard for others safety or lives, he's breaking the law, and he is now pointing something at you, that is a direct threat to your life. If you say they should've used a tazer, or pepper spray, you're an idiot. Somebody points a gun at you, you should be able to use the same amount of force to defend yourself. THAT is what the officers did, they defended themselves. Regardless of what you have to say, the discussion is over.

  11. dockrick
    dockrick May 01, 2013

    suicide by cops. by crazy guy

  12. 10594077
    10594077 May 03, 2013

    29224263, you are a fool! You answered you're own question. You get to view the video multiple times as you said and sit back in your lazyboy chair and monday morning quarterback the whole scene that those police officers had to make in a split second decision. If those cops were your son, you would say they did the right thing. It doesnt matter he wasnt armed. He ran, backwards mind you, like he was aiming a gun, took a combat stance. All tell tale signs that he was armed and on a dark freeway. If he wasnt armed then thats his foolish problem, he wanted to die knowing full well if he did those things to cops who are armed they would shoot him. I dont care how police forces handle things in Europe. This is the US and there are laws and consequences for your actions. If you want to face the justice system and be judged then GIVE the F up when the cops tell you to and face the music. Don't run like a fool and point a pretend gun at the armed cops or you can expect to take a dirt nap.

  13. 10594077
    10594077 May 03, 2013

    A syringe gun or tranquilizer??? Really , you watch too much tv. Throw some fancy words around like ASP baton, PAVA or CS Spray and it almost sounds like you know what you are talking about. Ya lets throw a baton at him while it looks like he is pointing a gun. At 50 to 100 feet away, that makes sense.Gun=Gun. Or pretending to have a gun=gun. That is the correct response. 90 shots, well thats the stress of combat and firing with a handgun. Have you ever fired a gun in stressfull situation, not! 90 shots didnt hit him, only a few, the ones that knocked him down. Once he was down, the shots stopped. Textbook and justified. end of story.

  14. cplmartinez
    cplmartinez May 03, 2013

    Deadista terrorista.

  15. Pappy05
    Pappy05 May 09, 2013

    good shooting, boys!

  16. The_LA_Baker
    The_LA_Baker May 13, 2014

    Suicide by cop. He told 911 he had a gun, which was relayed to officers I'm sure, and acted like he was shooting. Even if he wasn't trying to get killed, he was so dumb he needed to be removed from the gene pool(not that that is the police's job).

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