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Top 3 Weapons to Survive Apocalypse

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  1. 29846036
    29846036 Nov 14, 2012

    This is why I don't come to this website. Fakeass FPS russia has a terrible fake accent, and rents his guns. All of his fans are Call of Duty Kids, and he appeals to them and creates Gun Experts, who say they own call of duty weapons. When you call them out, they say that you can own NFAs, because FPS Russia does. You can own Pre-86 full autos, but all of the stuff they say is newly made.

  2. 29846036
    29846036 Nov 14, 2012

    An AK-74 stock on a AK-47 variant. What a moron. The Cut-out in the stock is to show that it shoots 5.45x39, yet he put it on a 7.62x39 chambered firearm.

  3. USAF0331
    USAF0331 Nov 14, 2012

    FPSRussia is not real? WTF? He's not actually some badass Russian mobster demonstrating guns on YT? Talk about not getting the joke. Next thing you will tell me is that he is some kid from Georgia with a fake accent posting funny videos to the interwebsLOLzomfgBBQ!!!

  4. indianmedicine
    indianmedicine Oct 07, 2013

    Informative even if you disagree. At least he takes time to POST some interesting material. The "accent" is "Window Dressing" as this is "entertainment", and not some Power Point Official Presentation that regurgitates "Party Line". Keep Posting - maybe we can learn something useful.

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