Obama Pledges Action on Gun Control

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A new ABC News/Washington Post poll shows 54 percent of Americans favor stricter gun control. Think gun sales are skyrocketing now?

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  1. USairhawk
    USairhawk Dec 21, 2012

    You want my assault weapons? Come try and take em.

  2. jongo
    jongo Jan 15, 2013

    What gun ever we have to give up we will replace with some other gun. The traders will buy and sell the same statistical amount yearly. If you limit the number of bullets per clip we will buy more clips. Most of us are law abiding citizens, and if you look at the UK you will find that not allowing guns hasn't stopped murders with guns. So you need to decide what kinds of weapons that we will be allowed to kill each other with. Stalking everybody won't help because when the next person decides to demonstrate a mass murder there won't be anybody there to stop them. We can only make it more difficult to enter or leave the areas that might be potential targets, and perhaps that should be the discussion point.

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