Wyoming: You Can't Have Our Guns

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A Wyoming state bill could make any Federal gun control changes in 2013 unenforceable! The Wyoming Sheriff says the agency will ignore any gun control laws it considers unconstitutional. In other news, Wyoming state population is expected to grow exponentially in the next few years (j/k).

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  1. Rindir
    Rindir Feb 20, 2013

    Gun control is something that should be handled by state goverment. Feds should stay out of it. States have different needs. The need and use of firearms is much difrrent in more urban states such as north dakota for example than in california.

  2. 26233167
    26233167 Jan 20, 2014

    Gun control is how well I control my weapon when I use it. Government needs to say out of my business. People beware. Obama is on a tyrannical rampage and when his time is up don't be surprised to find him still in office as the dictator. It is coming so prepare now to defend this country from within

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