How Do You Shoplift An AR-15?

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Trenchcoat? This gun store clearly has some inventory and security issues that need to be dealt with. The Story - A gun store in East Windsor where at least one of the weapons used in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was sold was raided Thursday night. Adam Lanza had two pistols and the AR-15 when he entered Sandy Hook Elementary School Friday morning, and in just a matter of minutes, he fired multiple rounds, killing 20 children and six adults. Before the school shooting, he shot his mother four times. Riverview Gun Sales is the same store where police believe a different man stole an assault weapon and was trying to carry out a similar attack. In a video obtained by Eyewitness News, Jordan Marsh, 26, of South Windsor, can be seen stealing an AR-15 with a scope just four days earlier.

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  1. 30657960
    30657960 Apr 28, 2013

    A gun store has moron employees that can't catch keep their eye on customers, big whoop. "Mental illness problems" AKA, he took medication once, or once admitted to a doctor that he didn't like his job/had a bad day/is human. Note the fearmongering about the .50BMG rifle... "Can penetrate cinderblock and bullets can go for a mile..." Yeah, so can slugs in a shotgun, and most standard rifle rounds.... Still a lot safer than the fact that our own President sells guns to Mexican cartels that end up killing Mexican kids and American/Mexican military/border servicemen.

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