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Hosted by Master Sergeant Mike Klock (ret.). In this episode of "Behind the Barrel Reloaded," Mike looks at the development of the military’s M14 rifle and the civilian M1A1.

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  1. 33592127
    33592127 May 23, 2016


  2. 33392298
    33392298 May 25, 2016

    In 1965 the standard M-14 was a semi-automatic rifle. The full auto version was the M-14 E-2 and was in limited use. Having fired both I preferred the semi-auto as I didn't trust the E-2's heat buildup on full auto. I also didn't trust the M-16 we converted over too because of it's light round. Although it was a lot easier to carry.

  3. 32395061
    32395061 May 25, 2016

    How can we see the other comments in the "Post Your Comment" section?

  4. 32578746
    32578746 May 31, 2016

    I have a M14/A1 and it's really great. I carried one in Vietnam and it didn't matter how dirty it got, it never failed me. Because of it's weight was the only problem but I would never trade it in for anything else other than my M-79. Wish I could but one.

  5. 11E40
    11E40 Jun 01, 2016

    The M14 is 10 times the rifle the m16 is. The M1A1 is what should be in active duty hands now. Retired E7

  6. JohnAKing
    JohnAKing Jun 03, 2016

    Fascinating to those of us who humped the M-14. [USMC 1966-1969] Didn't use the M-15 long enough to compare.

  7. 4950316
    4950316 Jun 03, 2016

    My M1A still has a bayonet lug; bought in 1986 and never fired. First time I ever picked up and fired an M-14 I scored expert and beat the best shooter in our unit.

  8. 34629177
    34629177 Jun 03, 2016

    I would like to see info on the updated/upgraded M14 versions used in Afganistan. Before we turned in our M14s in Germany, they had replaced the wooden stock with a fiberglass (?) stock. I had an M14 in RVN with the selector switch. I think we only fired it once, we also had new M60s and they were obviously better on full auto.

  9. 26436591
    26436591 Jun 05, 2016

    I used M14 in VN in 67-68 beautiful gun , used fully automatic many times. The M-14 was the only rifle issued in our unit . Army Aviation.. The rifle never failed.

  10. 21633845
    21633845 Jul 08, 2016

    Trained with the M-14. Given a M-16 in Nam. Sorry to loose the M-14. was heavy, ammo too. Still was more trust worthy over the "16. Saw the "16 jam way too often. Couldn't carry as much ammo, but still would have been better!

  11. buritto01
    buritto01 Apr 08, 2017

    I used the M-14 when i got too Nam but it was replaced with M-16. The 16 jammed a lot the 14 did not jam at all even when it hadn't been cleaned I loved my M-14

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