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A Very Unhelpful 'How To' Video

Source says this video demonstrates how to clean a glock, but I don't remember much of that part. Enjoy!

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  1. artur1
    artur1 Jan 25, 2012

    Uhhh.... Just two things: DRY-FIRE? and what's with the LOUD rock music that "happens" to drown out the instructions? This is an EXTREMELY un-helpful "how-to" video.

  2. ausitn
    ausitn Jan 26, 2012

    no body cares if its helpful they saw the girl thats the end of it

  3. SaltyD1
    SaltyD1 Jun 13, 2012

    Makes gun cleaning pleasant again! :))

  4. DaleU
    DaleU Jun 15, 2012

    Did anyone else notice that the SN on that Glock looked funny?

  5. John_Ellis
    John_Ellis May 05, 2014

    thank you austin. serioul I didnt even see the damn gun!!

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