Girls, Girls Girls...and Guns!

Clean Rating: Safe for work.
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  1. mcclainmax
    mcclainmax Sep 08, 2011

    I like the video, however someone needs to watch out for their safety. I saw several unsafe acts in this video.

  2. 27335460
    27335460 Sep 08, 2011

    mcclainmax; you have a very good eye. My opinion; the young women should be dressed for safety/protective gear; and if they want to show their feminine side: there is a time and place other than the shooting range.

  3. Aarius01
    Aarius01 Sep 27, 2011

    Double Amen to SAFETY! Watching this video on a 47 inch HDMI with that music pumping through a Bose V-10 Lifestyle Surround Sound with bottom that has knocked pictures off the wall is not something that is explained, it must be experienced, yet all this as a Vietnam Era Vet, retired LEO, a lifetime of RANGE SAFETY never compromised sounds a sour note. With my teeth rattling I grimace as I watch a beautiful young lady unload double hand-guns,she thinks, then lips to a barrel end to blow smoke Hollywood style stings even though this time no round to the face - this time. I will not budge on the SAFETY issue so it is difficult to show praise here. Now, however, I can only comment and removing wall pictures for their own safety I'm watching and experiencing just about the sexiest not rated "R" video I've seen in a long time! Plus it reminds me, it is time to clean my Glock!!!

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