5 Things You Don't Know About: Gatling Guns

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Capable of firing up to 6,000 rounds per minute, they have become one of the most terrifyingly impressive weapons in our current arsenal.

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  1. Military.com_Editor
    Military.com_Editor May 26, 2015

    Answer to Question: volley guns

  2. sfc_krome
    sfc_krome May 27, 2015

    My guess would be the Pepperbox gun.

    ELDERLYREPTILE May 29, 2015

    It was during the TET Offensive of 1968 that I first saw an AC-47 gun ship or "Puff The Magic Dragon" as they were called unofficially, WORK OUT. It was at night and the curtain of tracers lighting up the night followed by a loud ROAR was something to behold, from a distance! Good show.

  4. kynth
    kynth Jun 16, 2015

    Chinese Dragon Weapon fired multiple rocket arrows time frame was probably mid 1300's

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