Artillery Fire Friday

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End your week with a bang with this amazing artillery video.

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  1. Marine0846
    Marine0846 Apr 18, 2015

    1962-68. 10th and 12th Marines. Raaa...good memories!

  2. Princeofkona
    Princeofkona Apr 19, 2015

    Fire for Effect.....You should have more videos like this....

  3. Long_Thrust_VI
    Long_Thrust_VI Apr 19, 2015

    IMPESSIVE! Red Legs do a great job!

  4. macgringo82
    macgringo82 Apr 20, 2015

    5/8 FAR XVII ABN-3/320, M198 Howitzer< YOUR ALL WEATHER friends!! "SET THE PACE, SIR-AIR ASSAULT!!!"

  5. Navwop
    Navwop Apr 21, 2015

    Excellent. Well done short video. Impressive with each step. That's what I call a well oiled troop. Thank you Gentlemen and Ladies for that makes me proud to be an American and older Corpsman before these guys were born..even though I feel like I could jump in and not hold the team back. Age is all in your head if you keep your skills honed. Job "WELL DONE!"

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