8 Javelin Strikes Gone Wrong

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They may cost thousands of dollars, but that doesn’t mean they work perfectly all the time. Check out 8 javelin strikes gone completely, terribly, wrong.

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  1. dockrick
    dockrick Jun 09, 2014

    it couldn't be the guys misfiring these things, they are defective, some one (supplier) shough be investigated

  2. Spc_A_Poole
    Spc_A_Poole Jun 09, 2014

    Number 3 was an AT4 and the trooper couldn't hold it because the launcher failed.

  3. conradswims
    conradswims Jun 10, 2014

    The would be better of using it as a club.

    DEANEGILMOUR Jun 10, 2014

    definitely a lack of good quality control and the worst thing is that they kill or injure our own. One would think that with all the equipment available today for measuring and checking aerodynamics and propellant fuels for these rockets that these happenings would be extremely rare. Also the length these rockets are stored and the power of the propellant possibly deteriorating

  5. 14060946
    14060946 Jun 10, 2014

    What the hell our people could have lost their lives cause of some weapons defect those javlins should be tested before it got shiped out to our troops C'mon man WHAT THE HELL.....

  6. 14060946
    14060946 Jun 10, 2014

    Did the President and the Chief of Staff see this footage...

  7. Nate_Dogg_666
    Nate_Dogg_666 Jun 11, 2014

    Gotta love rocket systems built by the lowest bidder

  8. 20869456
    20869456 Jun 11, 2014

    If the lives of our troops weren't in jeopardy, this would have been funny. But I sure wouldn't want to be in need of using these wondering IF I have a lemon.

  9. 32535383
    32535383 Jun 12, 2014

    Weapon looks useless, dangerous, and a waste of money!

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