"Dishonorable Disclosures" (Full)

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FULL LENGTH VERSION: A group of former CIA spies and U.S. special forces troops on Tuesday launched a political attack on President Barack Obama, accusing him of overseeing reckless leaks about sensitive operations. The group claims to have no partisan affiliation, but the assault mirrored claims by Republican presidential challenger Mitt Romney's campaign that the White House leaked classified details of the raid to kill Osama bin Laden. In a 22-minute online video entitled "Dishonorable Disclosures" the former clandestine operatives alleged that the administration spilled secrets to burnish Obama's standing without regard for the safety of U.S. troops and agents.

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  1. 27396790
    27396790 Aug 18, 2012

    This is one of the most blessed video's God bless all of you who defend the honor of America and ALL who serve to keep us safe. Very Rev JWB

  2. Iron-Hawk
    Iron-Hawk Aug 18, 2012

    you're nation is a nation of war mongers...

  3. bill12351
    bill12351 Aug 18, 2012

    I'm wondering in history where your nation would be if it wasn't for our so-called war mongering if you are indeed a foreigner to the United States.

  4. 14192389
    14192389 Aug 18, 2012

    They sound like abunch of cry babies..waa waa waa,I deserve the credit, I did this and that, get over it.

  5. cathom09
    cathom09 Aug 20, 2012

    when military personnel violate opsec they are charged and punished to the fullest extent, why then when the white house administration does the same thing nothing is done. I think that the president and his personnel should be treated the same as that administration is the commander in cheif of the military and should be treated the same no matter what the rank.

  6. 29698170
    29698170 Aug 20, 2012

    This is simple and plain attack on the POTUS, a silly video propped up by sill republicans, I have a ? what about the "mission accomplshed banner" on the carrier, invading Iraq with faulty intellingence, you talk about "kill list" they had playing cards with Iraqi faces on them!!!! Oh I almost forgot didn't someone out the CIA OP Valerie Plame and someone graanted the person who did it, a Pardon!!! This video is a Joke and shows desperation by republicans, Mr. Prez you did not Kill OBL, American did, wait I rememeber Bush taking credit for bringing Sadddam to Justice??? Barack Obama is a great man and president, stop letting your HATE mislead you.

  7. jdw1043
    jdw1043 Aug 22, 2012

    his is nothing more than an attack by republicans on the POTUS and detracts from the unit that made the kill. Its a shame this elite unit would stoop to such low tactics

  8. Ok9403
    Ok9403 Aug 23, 2012

    After serving 24 years, and hearing these traitors talk makes me sick, you do your job and do not question, definitely a GOP payoff. they are disgrace to our country. We all worked togther and yes Obama the commander and chief made his decision, which was a right one, if you see these people ignore them as they are not true patriots of our country. It happened on Obama's Leadership, good call we all helped as a team it's not important our goal was met and put a hole in the enemies plans. These people disgust me.....

  9. calzones1221
    calzones1221 Aug 25, 2012

    This is why presidents should be required to serve in the military

  10. 3959489
    3959489 Aug 25, 2012

    No doubt this administration needs to beld t account for their sloppy ways and unethical ways of handling our security..just as the hold you responsible...

  11. MichAirForceGuy
    MichAirForceGuy Sep 11, 2012

    Why is this video heavily edited to except the credit that the POTUS gave to US Forces and the INTEL community? This is nothing more than a hatchet job by the Swiftboater people.

  12. Rindir
    Rindir Oct 11, 2012

    Anyone notice the uniform mess up at 3:37? the flag

  13. 30923157
    30923157 Dec 17, 2013

    Everyone in America knows that this pretender hates America and all she stands for. He is on a full court press to destroy or do as much damage as he can before he is out of office. I am not a constitutional attorney, but all he has done seems to have to risen to the level of grounds for impeachment if not treason. I feel that the House has turned a blind to his actions and gone along to get along. While I understand that Harry Reid is the leader of the senate and would do nothing to move he charges forward at least the house could make the effort.

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