Navy SEALs HALO Training Jump

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U.S. Army National Guard Air crewmen conduct a joint military training exercise alongside U.S. Navy SEALs in the skies over Virgina, USA. The National Guardsmen dropped the SEALs from a C-23 Sherpa transport aircraft to conduct several High Altitude Low Opening, or HALO training jumps.

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  1. mark_c_spaniol
    mark_c_spaniol May 09, 2012

    These don't seem to be HALO jumps. HALO's are typically conducted at 30,000 ASL. None of the jumps, nor the crew are wearing oxygen masks, which would be required above 14,000. Also the temperature would be well below 0 (as much as -50 degrees) at that altitude. And these folks have lightweight gloves and exposed skin. Next, the openings are far from low. The appear to be in compliance with USPA recommendations of 2,000' or higher. These appear to be standard training jumps, probably from 10,000 with traditional openings of 2,500'.

  2. 27210310
    27210310 May 09, 2012

    Yeah I think dude is right. These aint HA or LO. Propaganda props. Which is the whole purpose of movies on Special ops anyway! Secret is Supposed to be secret why show our stuff to the bad guys right! Let them find out the hard way!

  3. 11561775
    11561775 May 09, 2012

    Agreed, not HA or LO, but good propaganda. We nee all we can get without showing our secrets.

  4. 11561775
    11561775 May 09, 2012

    And I'm thinking it was team 43, out of Omaha, right?

  5. AchmedFubar
    AchmedFubar May 09, 2012

    have you seen a HALO jump? This isn't a HALO jump.

  6. 19627598
    19627598 May 10, 2012

    Not even close to a HALO jump lol

    SPECFX May 13, 2012

    Agreed...everybody's on the same page here.

  8. 18116116
    18116116 May 17, 2012

    What a rip-off ! These jumps are no different from what I've done to get my skydiving license.

  9. wikkid1
    wikkid1 Nov 02, 2012

    even being a total layman with no association with the armed forces or skydiving I can see that this is not HALO... they should either change the title of the video or remove it alltogether, we've already got at least 9 people who wasted their time here...

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