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Navy's Disturbing Bath Salts PSA

A new, disturbing dramatization of a sailor ingesting "bath salts" and then having violent hallucinations is the latest salvo in the Navy's ongoing fight against synthetic drugs. The public service announcement, published online in December, puts the viewer in the shoes of a young sailor who snorts bath salts he received in the mail. A short time later the sailor vomits, but it isn't until he meets his girlfriend for bowling that hallucinations strike.

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  1. 27880625
    27880625 Jan 05, 2013

    Why? Why would you even think to do that?

  2. peredavid
    peredavid Jan 05, 2013

    Sort of explains where the US gets its foreign policy. Threats, monsters and evildoers everywhere and some folk still need 'bath salts'? Best left to the Marines.

  3. fooman
    fooman Jan 05, 2013

    Back in the days of "not on my ship, not in my navy" I have had shipmates down a quart of pickle brine to try and beat a urinalysis! For someone to do something like this doesn't surprise me as it is supposed to beat the piss test.

  4. LogicMine
    LogicMine Jan 05, 2013

    If you even think about doing such a pathetic and idiotic act as introducing that crap into your system, then all I have to say is..... Bon Voyage!... because you're not going to be with us much longer and quite frankly.......the WORLD would be better off WITHOUT YOU! Don't be a dumbass.

  5. JesseRossi
    JesseRossi Jan 06, 2013

    That video was awesome those hallucinations were scary realistic, bravo

  6. 26472852
    26472852 Jan 06, 2013

    Sounds like a bad acid trip to me

  7. 18863844
    18863844 Jan 07, 2013

    Reefer Madness

  8. Boldar_Torkrest
    Boldar_Torkrest Jan 07, 2013

    Stay off that shit, only a competent sailor / warrior would rely on their own clear minds on liberty or furlough. Keep away from that junk. There is no room for this shit in our military - remember the USS Eisenhower! Zero tolerance!

  9. 30254772
    30254772 Jan 11, 2013

    who is the dumbass who uses bath salts

  10. s42
    s42 Jan 15, 2013

    You are 30254772

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