Navy Ship Hits Massive Wave!

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Almost any other vessel would have been in big trouble with this "Perfect Storm"-like experience. Luckily this craft is large and the window glass is very, very strong.

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  1. Tim182P
    Tim182P Jun 01, 2013

    I think these are called swells, not waves. I was on the USS Valley Forge LPH-8 in '67 on the way to 'Nam via Hawaii and we took green water over the flight deck. Our 888' long ship shuddered like it was made of sheet metal.

  2. cpo1986
    cpo1986 Jun 02, 2013

    massive my butt lol. normal day in north atlantic or north pacific in winter. try it on a ff

    WAWARON Jun 03, 2013

    Been in much worse in the North Atlantic,transiting surface on a diesel sub.

  4. 30005930
    30005930 Jun 12, 2013

    In 1970 on a West Pac tour we left Subic Bay PI at the threat of an in coming Typhoon. Hit it head on at sea. Much bigger waves over the bridge of that old Tin Can, DD869 A. J Isabell

  5. 3157349
    3157349 Jun 13, 2013

    I agree with the others - this was nothing. I was on a destroyer (DD-711) that hit a storm off Cape Hatteras and we hit waves like that all day. One broke a window in the bridge. Our ship was built to take a maximum degree roll of 60 degrees. We recorded a 54 degree roll during that storm and most of the day it was 45 to 45. Massive wave? Not even close.

  6. ChiefBoring
    ChiefBoring Jun 13, 2013

    Ahhh!!! Takes me back to the South Atlantic and a gale we passed through on a Destroyer, the USS Ware, in 1966. The waves came up to the signal bridge, and the Gunnery Officer clung to a five inch mount to control his seasickness. Fair winds and following seas. Chief Boring

  7. 3959489
    3959489 Jun 17, 2013

    Buckle up lads the sea still has the edge...

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