Mariners Rescued by USS Ashland Speak

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Interview with American mariners Tasha Fuiava (right) and Jennifer Appel (left) aboard the amphibious dock landing ship USS Ashland (LSD 48), detailing their experience surviving at sea in the Pacific Ocean for five months. (U.S. Navy)

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  1. 21454678
    21454678 Nov 01, 2017

    My first impression was that Ms. Fuiava was a bit on the chunky side for being a "survivor"...

  2. 33610500
    33610500 Nov 03, 2017

    We all know(or should by now) the trip was a hoax,they weren't at sea five months as they claimed,look too healthy for that length of time supposedly stranded,claimed monster sharks followed them,claimed they were in a terrible storm which wasn't true there were no storms,claimed they were in an emergency but didn't activate their personal locator beacon (which was registered) if they were in trouble would have been rescued sooner,wasted taxpayers money diverting a US Naval vessel out of their operations to so called rescue them,they need to repay the taxpayers for using a naval warship for their stupidity.

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