Summer Training in the US Navy

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Summer Training for Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy (all videos are from various summer training blocks for midshipmen).

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  1. 16187646
    16187646 Aug 22, 2013

    training is not a trip to the amusement park for a group of hip rock stars. this type of training, fun for a great summer, fails to emphasize, combat is not fun or like top-gun. people get killed; it is ugly business. professionalism without high-fives always has been the standard. when back at the club, after the smoke has cleared, then the undisciplined can let off some tension, but not characterizing the events as having fun, etc... let's put more professionalism in our jr officers to be. carry on.

  2. 31156429
    31156429 Aug 22, 2013

    is this only for infantry or all navy enlisties?

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