Parris Island Recruits Take First Steps to Earning Marine Title

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A new batch of men and women stepped on Parris Island’s iconic yellow footprints April 17, 2017, for a chance to earn the title U.S. Marine.

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  1. 34953805
    34953805 May 14, 2017

    I believe i have heard that speech before, in 1955 just by a different D I, Sure wish i was well enough to travel i would like to visit P I and camp Lejeune and just see how much things have changed. It was a great experience and i am glad i had it, when i hear about some of these whine asses today im surprised the don't bring their mommy with them to P I.I think we all took our hits and whacks from them but we never cried about it.Its a different corps now then what i remember.

  2. M@rine80
    M@rine80 May 15, 2017

    wow, they get a phone call? In Sep. of 1980, I got to send home a white Red Cross card to let mommy know I made it okay. The next time they heard from me was Dec. 80, right before I graduated. Our drill Instructors were pure mad. We got punched, slapped, kicked and butt stroked. No one dreamed of telling on our instructors. They put the fear of God into us. To this day I love them one and all. Semper Fi Marines and thank you for seeing something in a scared 18 yr. old that he didn't see in himself.

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