Modern Day Marine: Robot with a Gun

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The Marine Corps Warfighting Lab shows off the MAARS - it may look like a cute robot, but it also has a M240 machine gun.

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  1. Mottlee
    Mottlee Sep 24, 2014

    Looks COOL Put a Mk19 on it too, How much ammo for the 240? that might be an issue

  2. mym1a1
    mym1a1 Sep 25, 2014

    Man would I love to have one of these for the house huh? Just keep her outside and put it on auto watch, Any thing that comes within a certain distance of your home you can be woken, Let the siren give them warning with you own voice also then if they do not retreat well....Hell On Tracks. Probably only cost about a half million or more..Plus you would have to get a class two tag for it. Ha! it would make a very good piece or equipment for all military combat units.

    ELDERLYREPTILE Sep 25, 2014

    Neat! When & where can I buy one?

  4. Doubtom
    Doubtom Sep 26, 2014

    This was predictable since we are rapidly losing the stomach for direct confrontational warfare. It's more fun using drones and robots,,,just an extension of school kids playing video games, makes for an easy transition to actually killing people. Nothing quite like blasting people from the comfort of an easy chair. Let's hear it for the Military Industrial Complex!!! M-I-C! M-I-C! MICkey! Mouse.

  5. 18270327
    18270327 Sep 27, 2014

    Best point troop ever.

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