Marine Uniform Change Proposal

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A new uniform board survey proposes changes to the Corps' uniform policy.

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  1. 26233167
    26233167 Jul 28, 2015

    Now the marines will make it so you won't be able to tell men from women. Women don't have to be women and men don't have to be men anymore. You can be either as the uniform is the same. What's next making it rainbow colored?

  2. 34733894
    34733894 Jan 12, 2016

    I was taught as a Marine of 8 years that our title was EARNED not just given, The women that go through the training may have it a tad easier, I don't lnow, but they to deserve that right as well. I thong the The women can wear the blouse they have it is very good looking on them and as women they too deserve the right to stand out as United States Marines. Semper Fi Ladies

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