NFL Cheerleader Goes to Frontlines

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Former NFL cheerleader Rachel Washburn decided to join the armed forces and is now a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army.

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  1. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 30, 2013

    AH here we go again. Another two-gender-try-to-be, making a pointless point. I wish you fools in the mainstream media stop making your dumb points about a female “can be doing the same thing a man can do, and still be a fermium woman.” That’s is why she is a two-gender-try-to-be. In short a double sex female. More like a field wife. She’s alive because of her male(Superiors) counterparts. Knowing she is playing both roles, meaning the roles of a man, and the role of a woman, she is not effective as an officer, especially in combat, and probably a lousy cheerleader. That is the way it is, women who act like two-gender-try-to-bes.

  2. 14260468
  3. 13339932
    13339932 Jan 02, 2014

    I strongly support anyone who serves. I worked with many motivated troops and have respect for someone who serves our country honorably. Good on you young lady and I wish you the best in life. Thank you for your service.

  4. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 02, 2014

    26166045: YEAH, I am a male chauvinist P.I.G. And F---A proud of it. Now the answer to your stupid. question, about who says women don’t belong in combat??? Two People. Marché Dyan. Formally Israeli defense minister. Togo West. Former Secretary of the ARMY. Yes the U.S. Did I serve in combat? No and Why? Well I served 6 ½ years active duty, and 14 years reserve. Just never got called-up. Look here busser. This is not rocket science. All this hype is nothing more than window dressing foe the feminization process. That is all that is Jackson Browne. And what I wrote is no where near a freaking joke.. .. There’s more

  5. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 02, 2014

    Let me just say to you, about a recent article that was stated by Togo West. “Secretary of the Army Togo West once said that keeping women out of combat slows their promotions and prevents them “from reaching their full potential.” The only men who talk like that wear ribbons instead of helmets. A soldier’s job is to find the enemy and kill him—yes, him—not to be part of a giant experiment in egalitarian fantasy. Only degenerate countries put women in combat.” My response is: Then the U.S.A. just became a DEGENERATE country. Just like North Korea. And those of you in this country who think like you. Also Morche Dyan warned the U.S.A. back in 1978, about putting women in combat. In short that’s “ a bad idea.” If any young male would freeze, instead of a female, that is because the damage that was done by the public school system. Because they are doing their very best to weaken the male. That is the only way to make women strong. Joke? Bubba, there is nothing you said in your last post, that is anything new to me. Conception that a woman can do better???? YEAH. You’re right. And why? Because I don’t fantasize like DUDTUSERS, (Dads Using Daughters To Undermine Sons Empowerment Role) like you do Jackson Browne. Maybe you read a lot of science fiction. I don’t I only read real history. And not the re-written jumping jive you’re kind reads. There is more.

  6. rspdude
    rspdude Jan 02, 2014

    So what is this with the Lt.'s Air Force father nominating her for a medal, especially one that is presented on national TV at a NFL game. How about some of these soldiers or sailors living in mountain outpost getting this type of attention. This is a joke.

  7. rspdude
    rspdude Jan 02, 2014

    I tried to rate it with a dislike, thumbs down, and the program wouldn't let me do it. Wonder who rigged that?

  8. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 02, 2014

    I read real history. Not re-written lies like you so much believe in.A sliver star? You’re half right. She didn’t get it by having big boobs.(Like you). That is because she’s a flat chested freak. Maybe she got it by killing off her own, for being a realist. There's more.

  9. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 02, 2014

    And the whole thing was covered-up. You want to serve under a female? Go ahead, have at it. You’re probably a transvestite your own stinking self. No problem when the stinking DOD takes my advice, and separate the genders. And the answer to your stupid question, on what a two-gender-try-to-be is. Plain simple, Bubba. A female that wants to have both roles, as men and women. Or should I just call them half and half. There is a coffee creamer, called that. Lousy. Not the real thing. I want real cream in my coffee, not any of this half and half jive fools like you take. And you’re wasting your time giving me this date bating jive too. I wish all of you stupid feminist typers stop dragging the day date, time year century, in to the subject matter. That never makes any freaking sense. 18 th century? I’ll take the 18 th century in a New York minute. In fact those forefathers, were totally correct back then, about what would take place, if this country’s government did what they said they would do. And they were right. So there. Your date bating didn’t work Jackson Browne. Phyllis Schaffly said no nation on earth was ever successful, by sending women into combat. Make that three people who said women don’t belong in combat. No Elaine Donnelly . Four. She warned this country about this stupidity back in 1983. So there.

  10. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 02, 2014

    Besides. If you think having women in combat is so great, then why has this country, been involved in these tow stupid police actions for over a decade, and NO VICTORY IN SIGHT????? YEAH Answer that one Jackson Browne. Just remember, one thing about WW II, Mr. DUDTUSER. The Soviet Union, had women in their front lines, fighting the Germans on the eastern front. The most powerfull military in the world, at the time. Yes all combat arms M.O.S.s was open to women. The German forces, ALL MALE FORCES, penetrated way across Russia as far as MINSK? YEAH that far. And Germany was all over Russia, like green on grass, and red on blood. The Soviet high command made a decision to remove all the females. Had if they didn’t, then Russia would have been permeanly under Hitler’s rule. There are a lot well qualified bodied males out there, that can take your females place in a New York Minute, and do a real better job. There’s more.

  11. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 02, 2014

    Those of who strongly support someone who serves regardless of gender. You’re fooling your selves. These females are doing this only for one cause. And that’s women’s lib. In that name only. Don’t deny it, because that is the reality. Fact is, any military that is ALL male, will defeat any military that is either all female, or CO-ED, in a New York Minute. And about you calling me names. Why don’t we arrange for something so you can say that top my face. There.

  12. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 02, 2014

    I once read something in Pacific Stars and Stripes, back in 1977. Some first female commander, said” I don’t have to prove I’m a man, because I’m not. I don’t have to prove that I’m a woman, because I am.” Well The problem is, she is attempting to practice the role of a man, which constricts her role as a woman. So therefore her role as a woman is jeopardized, due to her role practice, as a man. Therefore, she is trying to prove that she is both. That is also a prime example of a half and half. And that is what a two-gender-try-to-be is. NOW I JUST EDUCATED YOUR FACE. Feminist people like you are totally disgusting.

  13. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 03, 2014

    Rspdude. YEAH I kind of figured that, about someone having influence of her getting that silver star. It maybe silver, but it's fools gold to me. look at her right side of her chest. She has three badges. ARMY just gives stuff away like hot cakes. PX soldierette.

  14. bubka
    bubka Jan 03, 2014

    Stupid reporter...officers don't "reenlist," enlisted reenlist. The media just don't get it.

  15. 6326161
    6326161 Jan 06, 2014

    What are those three quilifactions on her chest. Airborne wings, air assault badge, combat assault badge. They do not give them out like merit badges, you have to earn them. Go get'm girl.

  16. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 06, 2014

    6326161: YEAH she got them, because the ARMY decided to award to her. I bet most of the work, was done by her male counter part.Hell if she can get them, by merit, It’ s a jelly swim for me. The only you thing you said that was right is GIRL. By the way. Our country has been involved in these stupid police action for how long? 13 and half years, and no victory in sight.???? Interesting ever since the military started this stupid idea, of having CO-ED military the males who are assigned to work with females ends up carrying another 50 % of the load. Go figure.

  17. 31598029
    31598029 Jan 06, 2014

    And UNISEX, stands for Undesirably Not Interchangeable nor Suitably EXchangeable.

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