Humor: Female Soldier Gets Stuck

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US Soldiers having fun on base in Iraq.

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  1. cidcsm
    cidcsm Mar 06, 2012

    Am I the only one that finds this video offensive to female soldiers?

  2. 15796191
    15796191 Mar 24, 2012

    Just because she was the one in THIS video GETTING taped, doesn't mean she wasn't a semi-willing. In my second shop is was a bit of a tradition (usually at lunch time or end of day) to grab the guy whose birthday it was, wrestle him down and tape him up, then strap him to a dolly/hand truck/whatever your term and carry him down the stairs to the parking area and soak him down with a hose, basically saying 'happy birthday from all of us.' No, there were no women in our shop, but ask this: Did the female trooper in this video participate in any similar events as a TAPER? Just something to think about, as camaraderie building happens in many ways. I'm fairly certain the same guys that were in this video would gladly execute anyone who did this to her with evil intentions.

  3. ThomasSWalsh
    ThomasSWalsh Jun 12, 2012

    cidcsm You have seen all of the videos of MALE soldiers getting pranked right? The fact that in this case it is a female who gets pranked doesn't have any significance at all. Notice the big smile on her face as her COMRADES play an innocent prank on her as I'm sure they've played on others, likely with her on the giving end as well.

  4. 27880625
    27880625 Jun 13, 2012

    What was the point? I'd have put them all in for Article 15's. Shouldn't they be cleaning weapons or preping for an OP?

  5. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 11, 2013

    What the H E double hockey sticks was that????? Stuck? More like she was getting tied-up. This looks horse play. And some of these guys are NCOS??? No wonder why we're loosing these two police actions, along with our forces have been there fo over 10 years now. You got to be pulling my left leg. HHEEEEEEEESSSSSSSHHHHHH !!!!!!

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