Civilian Explains Why He Wore Uniform

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MODESTO, Calif. – Joseph Scott said he never intended harm to anyone or disrespect to the military - he was trying to do just the opposite. "I was just supporting my cousins and my family in the military. And to those who I upset and made mad, I do apologize," Scott said from outside his grandfather's Modesto home. Two weeks ago, Scott, 22, was confronted by veterans on the Delta College campus for wearing an Airborne Rangers uniform. Scott never served in the military. The confrontation with campus veterans escalated, and eventually led to the arrest of one man by Delta College police officers for disturbing the peace and making threats. Police later received threats from anonymous callers. Many from outraged vets who insisted Scott had broken the law and should have been the one arrested. Delta College police said Scott was within the law. Read more at

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  1. DrifterThirteen
    DrifterThirteen Mar 25, 2014

    At least he apologized. That is more man than you see from the veteran imposters.

  2. hazard159
    hazard159 Mar 25, 2014

    Impersonating a service member may not be "breaking the law" but it is wrong and should be as illegal as impersonating a police officer or firefighter. If he wants to dress up and play solider he should keep it in the privacy of his own home and NOT in public.

  3. miwukman
    miwukman Mar 25, 2014

    I don't care if he appolgized. I don't care if he want's to follow his family footsteps and serve. All I care is that he NEVER wears the uniform again unless he earns it. IMO the school cops should not have arrested the vets who called this man on wearing the uniform, they could have handled it without an arrest.

  4. 27563208
    27563208 Mar 26, 2014

    If you put on the uniform of a police office, you are breaking the law, and will be prosecuted. The law has been made and upheld that if you wear a military uniform, or any of it's awards, then you are breaking the law and subject to fine and imprisonment. Too many men and women have worn the uniform for it to be disgraced so.

  5. Admiral_Pickle
    Admiral_Pickle Mar 26, 2014

    Just because you are not in the military doesn't mean your prohibited from wearing a military uniform. I understand that wearing patches on the uniform might give reason to believe that you are impersonating a soldier, but if someone is wearing a top, a pair of pants, and and a pair of boots, there is no reason that he or she should be criticized.

  6. Copperhead_
    Copperhead_ Mar 26, 2014

    Tell that too all of those PX heroes out there

  7. BTDT8404
    BTDT8404 Mar 26, 2014

    Hammerhead... Except he DID have Ranger tabs and other patches on indicating he was a member.

  8. Gravesmen
    Gravesmen Mar 27, 2014

    weird freakin people imposters

  9. 32462289
    32462289 May 14, 2014

    Looks like I will go buy a police uniform an wear it tomorrow since it just clothes and holds no value!

  10. 16484740
    16484740 May 18, 2014

    The kid doesn`t seem to realize that no matter what branch of the military .We are a futurity.And we hate people that seem trying to get the respect that we work so hard for.The recruiter has some things to answer for as well.

  11. Finkarhu
    Finkarhu Jun 06, 2014

    If he wants to wear it. Then he can wear it to support his family.

  12. 16484740
    16484740 Aug 29, 2014

    You should only wear it only if you earned it period.

  13. 33001713
    33001713 Dec 23, 2014

    If he can't understand why vets were mad, he is a moron. To serve your country so that guys like him can be free and stupid sometimes rubs us the wrong way. There is a price soldiers pay for wearing the uniform, some paid the "ultimate" price. He has no clue. War is no joke. I think if he were serving he would be peeing and crapping himself at the same time. He is a joke. I think the vets were right to call him out. It used to be illegal to mix civilian clothes with uniform clothes. They should re-activate that law. Earn it or don't wear it.

  14. regsanonline
    regsanonline Dec 26, 2014

    Man, you guy's are way to serious! Being an American gives you the right to burn the American Flag, wear the Uniform of the U.S. Military and be who you want to be as long as it doesn't interfere with your rights!! Being a Police Officer is very different from being part of the U.S. Military. The Police do not have a problem with arresting or killing you because you wear the Uniform of the U.S. Military. Further, if this young man was breaking any laws he would have been arrested... Don't get it twisted...

  15. kll0464
    kll0464 Apr 08, 2015

    what a joke.

  16. TexasCWO
    TexasCWO Apr 09, 2015

    He was never in, he shouldn't be wearing the uniform. Even if he has mental problems, his family should have stopped him because it was a bad idea to impersonate a real soldier. I hope he wears a campus police uniform next time and see how those idiots like it.

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