Army Sgt. Filmed Naked Cadets

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US Army Sergeant Michael McClendon is accused of secretly filming naked female cadets by planting hidden cameras in the women's showers and locker rooms. The Army has reportedly been contacting dozens of women at the academy to inform them that their privacy may have been violated. The Times says Sergeant McClendon faces military charges for indecent acts, dereliction of duty, cruelty, and maltreatment.

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  1. 30782326
    30782326 May 23, 2013

    West Point, being the oldest and famed academy, deserves nothing less than the best of the best in the non-cadent Army staff. Honor, duty and country must be a hallmark of those who serve those who are cadets. In this case, the women, who have now four decades at West Point, are still fighting to be respected as equals. I as a father of a male graduate, fully respect those females who overcome two centuries of "This is a man's world" army tradition. This man's army wouldn't be nothing if not for a woman, and I mean a woman in the army. My stint had great women alongside in military intelligence. Now the whole army is their oyster. We need to honor and respect them as we should all. Nothing less for the best, man or woman. Speak about this to the academies. Speak about honor and respect to the rest of the whole service, each service. Today's military deserves all the civilian respect. They must also respect themselves from within.

  2. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 12, 2013

    30782326: YEAH well the fact of the matter is, tradition is great. The feminization process you DUDTUSERS(Daddys or Dudes Using Daughters To Undermine Sons Empowerment Role)is what caused all the breakdown of the ARMY's command and control, order and disipline. Todays military desreves civilan s respect. Well they don't have mine. And I pay taxes to it. YES I served. And one of the reasons why I left is because all the liberal crap, that was shoved in my face. I don't blame anybody, for not respecting present days U.S.Military. CO-ED military is a flop house. Besides, probaly these feamles would love it anyway. A lot of women in the military are sleez balls, from what I have seen myself, and all the news that is going in tis webs site. One thing about women as equals. If they are still not considered, equal now, then they never will, be. Because if god intended for women to be equal to men, then he would created, Eve, the same way he created ADAM.

  3. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 13, 2013

    Interesting since all of the adacamies, became CO-ED, right off the bat they sex scandles. And you have the nerve this mans ARMY would be nothing without women in it? Well, Mr. WEST Point Grad., for 200 years up till 1975, it was something. But since that approximat time, this U.S.Military has gone down hill. Now it's nothing. Who are you trying to fool?

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