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Air Force & Army Pull Adult Mags

Army and Air Force Exchange Services are removing pornographic magazines from their shelves and making way for more money-making products. Over the last 15 years, adult magazine sales at AAFE's have declined 86%. Although people once turned to magazine stands, experts say that's changing and moving online. Store officials also point to the fact that adult magazines needed special handling. They had to be placed at the top of shelves and out of the reach of kids, their covers had to be hidden, and some even had to be encased in a plastic covering. Officials say often times people wouldn€™t put them back properly, which meant employees had to keep an eye on stands. Although recently military leaders have come under fire for high-profile sexual assault cases, officials insist it was strictly a business decision. Regardless of taking the magazines off shelves, service members can still buy them off base or just browse the web. Close to 900 other magazines will also be removed because of declining sales. Popular titles such as €œPeople€ and €œMen€™s Health€ will remain.

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  1. 867529
    867529 Aug 06, 2013

    Women in the military have been complaining about porn being sold on base for DECADES!

  2. 222shooter
    222shooter Aug 06, 2013

    Next will be gun magazines so they don't promote the gun violence culture.

  3. 6666481
    6666481 Aug 06, 2013

    Magazines don't make sex offenders, say what you want about sales. Has anyone looked what was painted on the side of airplanes in WW2. I guess they will also cancel the USO show because women will have revealing dresses and costumes. (STUPID)

  4. 31598029
    31598029 Dec 10, 2013

    867529: Straight or gay??? I'm many of them wouldn't complain about lesbo porn. That's for sure.

    SGTBJH Feb 24, 2015

    Will AAFES take the bodybuilding mags too? What will the gals look at then?

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