Army ROTC Cadets Grenade Prank

Mild Rating: Contains explicit language.
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A bunch of ROTC cadets get pranked good.

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  1. ColdWarVet75
    ColdWarVet75 Jun 05, 2013

    You don't screw around with grenades. This is why Army leadership is piss poor.

  2. RentAscout
    RentAscout Jun 05, 2013

    Yeah, normally I would get pissed when a marine talked shit about Army NCO's but this was a poor prank. Downrange with the joe's joking around, fine. They are cadets who now learned NCO's will F with 2LT's. Oh wait...

  3. Dazari
    Dazari Jun 05, 2013

    wow really? smh so unprofessional

  4. Keeneagle
    Keeneagle Jun 09, 2013

    Our leaders of tomorrow!!!

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