Army Ranger Fighting Techniques

Grandmaster Tony Mayo demonstrates Army Ranger fighting techniques.

Forces, Army Training
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  1. JimH1
    JimH1 Dec 02, 2014

    Tony Mayo,was never an Army Ranger. Never served in the US Military ,at any time nor in any branch. BEcause he was allowed to portray himself as. Ranger on the show ,he has gotten jobs instructing these tactics ,to which he has no lineage,qualifications to teach. He served as a member of the NYPD a,and studied martial arts. His rank qualifications are inflated beyond his skills levels. I met him at a Martial arts Hall of fAme in aTlhantic City NJ. I came across Mr Mayo as he was wearing US Army BDU with SGT Major Ranking ,was wearing a Tan Beret with Special Forces and Ranger badges ,master Blaster Jump wings,and CIB. He knows the answers to questions when asked as he has friends who actually served and he uses their info,Unit ,ID,Stations and deployments. He NEVER a Served and should not profit from Stolen Valor.

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