Air Force Nuke Officers Caught Cheating

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2014 - An Air Force investigation into possible drug use turned up evidence of a cheating scandal involving a missile launch officer sharing proficiency test answers with other officers.

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  1. bugnuker
    bugnuker Jan 23, 2014

    Any airman involved should be permanently stripped of their security clearance. Criminal behavior by anyone connected to nuclear weapons opens the door to extortion and could end badly for any targeted city.

  2. 14644120
    14644120 Feb 22, 2014

    As a retired AF Chief having served over 27 yrs, I believe that the services have lowered their standards from former years. In all of my years having served at several bases both in the U.S and overseas, I cannot remember more than 2 or 3 airmen who I knew were discharged due to bad behavior and conduct. All of those men/women that I served were top notch in every respect. I think the services had better get back to deeper background checks and insist upon a High School degree at a minimum. And certainly take those who have some college as well. NO officer and NCO should ever set a bad example for our younger officers/enlisted personnel. Maybe, some of our officers are not as tough and straight than in previous years. Lack the morals of previous members. And especially any military member should NOT have a security clearance if they have any bad records before or after they joined the service. AFChief (ret)

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