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Ensuring Pay for Our Military Act

April 1, 2011, Press Conference - The bill will guarantee the military is paid on time if the government shuts down.

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  1. 29528297
    29528297 Mar 28, 2014

    I like what these people have started. How ever all political people who are a part of the gov. shut down needs to go home as they have done very little the past five years except argue about what they do not get tem selves. They stand out to tell the world how great they are. Most of them have never stood in harms way and because of us they are safe to play as children. I have had a double roll as I was a Federal Firefighter as well as a retired Navy Chief. I have seen all the childish actions of the so called great congressmen and senators. As I have said thankyou for this move.Chief Nickless USN-Retired

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