Sailor Welcomed Home by His Dogs

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"After a six month long deployment, my husband snuck in the front door and I let our dogs out like nothing was out of the ordinary. They give him a very warm welcome home!"

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  1. jj1234564565
    jj1234564565 Jul 29, 2011

    I'm getting a dog.

  2. 27806339
    27806339 Aug 06, 2011

    thats just how mine acts lol

  3. undomniel
    undomniel Apr 29, 2012

    dogs are the best

  4. 16620461
    16620461 Jun 01, 2012

    I have two and when I heve to leave them in the kinnel for a day or two ,when I go where they can't , they go crazy when I pick them up . There love has keep me going . !

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