Pitbull Can't Wait to See Soldier

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I love the little move he does at the end! From the spouse: "Our deaf rescue pitbull excited to have daddy come home!!! Go Oregon National Guard!!! He had been gone for drill weekend and was so happy to see him! I think Cotton didn't know how long 2 days could feel! and for the haters out there I had just seen my husband the day before. So pardon my "lack of excitement :)" thank you to the supporters, I know theres alot of haters posting on here. We got Cotton as a rescue surprise for my husband upon his return home from Afghanistan in 2009 and we ot his certified as his service dog. Its a sweet video showing that not only do people miss the soldiers, their dogs do too."

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  1. jbarry54
    jbarry54 Mar 23, 2013

    What an awesome dog to come home to. Go ONG! And thanks for rescuing Cotton! And thank you for your service to America.

    HOTELOSCAR Dec 19, 2013

    Sweet dog, lucky family to have him! True love never forgets!

  3. 28144334
    28144334 Mar 04, 2015

    No haters here. I think it was a beautiful reunion even if it was only a weekend. Cotton is a great pet and I can't believe he's deaf. Thanks for the dog rescue and the Soldiers service.

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