Cutter Venturous Homecoming After Hurricane Relief

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The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Venturous, a 210-foot Reliance class cutter homeported in St. Petersburg, Florida, returns home Monday, Nov. 13, 2017 to St. Petersburg, FL, following a 69-day patrol conducting hurricane relief. (Coast Guard News)

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  1. Aviation Ordnance
    Aviation Ordnance Nov 22, 2017

    Tried to join the USCG in 1971. They were full. So I joined the Navy...and ended up on shore duty for four years as an Airedale at NAS North Island, San Diego, California. I did a total of two and one jalf days "at sea" (cruising up & down the Ca. coast firing missiles at drones)....and then returned to San Diego. Those 3.5 yers in San diego were the best in my life. Free, white, early 20's, "cake duty". Yes...God is benevolent and he is great !

  2. Erichs
    Erichs Nov 26, 2017

    You know what is ironic, is that I bought a place to live here in Longwood, Fl. I did not know it had so many ex military here. They are not very nice at all. I have a neighbor who is Puerto Rican. He has been accosted by some of them wondering why he is in this country. He was born in the Bronx and his family has fought in all our wars and himself in Afghanistan. He told them he is an American and they told him he should get out of the country before he gets deported and this is not just one of them. He said it has been by a few. I tend to agree that some military personnel are ignorant and disgusting all because of Trump who didn't even know that people form Puerto Rico are Americans.

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