Airman Shocks His Mother After 6 Months

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U.S. Airman surprises his mother after 6 months overseas.

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  1. 29583726
    29583726 Jul 24, 2012

    I wish to hell and back that Trace Adkins would stop singing that lie of a song, that he advertises The Wounded Warrior Program. I am a 100% service connected disabled female veteran, permanent and total and individually unemployable. I am a Cold War Veteran, so what does the Wounded Warrior Program for me? Squat! I served post Vietnam and pre Gulf War, but I am still disabled. I applied for adaptive housing in 1986; in April 2012 I was approved ONLY for the bathroom. Gee, am I supposed to drag myself on the floor to get around? Trace, shut up. I'm in the fields of Vietnam, The mountains of Afghanistan And I'm still hopin', waitin', prayin' I did not die in vain

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