Adorable Reunion of Sailor and Daughter

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ARVADA - Cassandra Akens has not seen her daughter in 9 months. In fact, she even missed little Chloe's third birthday in August. She missed the milestone because she was serving her country as a sailor in the Middle East. Now, just in time for the holidays she's back in Colorado. Thursday morning she surprised her daughter at daycare. "Mommy," exclaimed Chloe as she ran from her classroom and into her mother's waiting arms. "Hi, baby. Can I have kisses? I've missed you," said Akens after seeing her daughter for the first time in months. "You're so much bigger." Akens says the thing she missed most while away was her daughter's laugh and smile. Chloe has been staying with her grandmother for the last few months. "It's been really hard for her daughter," said Kim Melvin. "She always says her mommy is at work and on a ship. So it's pretty awesome."

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  1. 27596259
    27596259 Dec 08, 2014

    I have to ask: Although I am always rejuvenated by seeing reunions, why do we always have to show these single Mom military members, with no father/baby daddy in the picture, and we're supposed to say, "Awww...."? I mean, of course, it's a tough life, that's what you chose and it's how things stack up when you get pregnant young and have no support from a spouse or partner. I just wish we'd show a few stories of people who are doing this with duel-military couples, both deployed, or older children (who are affected more, believe it or not), and maybe some "working Moms" or military spouse Dads (whose wife is away and deployed), rather than always the nontraditional being the single Mom. It's sad, in that the military has a lot of support, and you can plan your family so you have that support when it's the right time in your life, rather than doing it alone. I was left behind by my Dad while he was in Vietnam for three years of my childhood, it was tough, but I do not understand why we have to always show this as the reality (single Mom deployed) for all the reunions in the military and featured stories.

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