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Huge C4 Blast Destroys Treeline

A massive C4 blast is used to destroy a treeline in an attempt to remove Taliban firing positions and clear lanes of fire.

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  1. 27879788
    27879788 Nov 09, 2012

    watch closely at the 10 - 12 second mark in the upper left hand corner. Looks almost like a secondary rocket launch?

  2. DaleU
    DaleU Nov 09, 2012

    I know, C4 is fun to play with, but it seems like an ACE or two could have done the same thing faster & a hell of a lot cheaper! By the time they got the charges set the ACEs would be done & gone.

  3. dragonxx152
    dragonxx152 Nov 09, 2012

    Did the same thing in Viet Nam to clear jungle further away from fire bases.

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