C-130 Wing Removal, EOD Style!

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U.S. combat engineers and explosive ordnance disposal service members, attached to TF Vanguard, use explosives to remove the wings off an unserviceable C-130 Hercules aircraft, July 9, on FOB Shank, in order to move the aircraft from the airfield. Emergency personnel cordoned the area as they stood ready to put out the fire and render the area safe. No one was injured in the operation.

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    ELDERLYREPTILE Jul 24, 2013

    Dollars for donuts (before inflation and taxes)the AF won't be salvaging these parts. A chain-saw could have done the job cheaper and with less of a mess to clean up afterwards.

  2. Erichs
    Erichs Jul 25, 2013

    Well I guess the Afghani Air Force can't use it now.

  3. antietam1958
    antietam1958 Jul 25, 2013

    did you notice with out duct tape they never would have done this job.

  4. a-temp
    a-temp Aug 04, 2013

    Actually, they salvaged everything they could. Notice the engines, leading edge, nose, etc..

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