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M107 175mm Self-Propelled Gun

The M107 175 mm self-propelled gun was used by the U.S. Army from the early 1960s through to the late 1970s. It was part of a family of self-propelled artillery that also included the M110 and was intended to provide long-range fire support in an air-transportable system. It was exported to several other countries including Germany, South Korea, Spain, Greece, Iran, Israel, Italy, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Turkey. The M107's combat history in U.S. service was limited to the Vietnam War and also saw extensive combat use in Israeli service. The M107 was the last self-propelled gun (high velocity, low trajectory, long range) in the U.S. Army inventory. It shared many components with, and in many cases was replaced by later versions of, the M110. Although withdrawn from U.S. service in the late 1970s it continues in service with some armies as of 2010.

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  1. Robert_Norwood
    Robert_Norwood Oct 21, 2012

    Starting with the labeling of the Fort Hood massacre as "workplace violence" and now the ever unfolding truth about Benghazi, Americans with any common sense can only conclude that the Obama administration is worse than clueless; it's criminal. Labeling Fort "workplace violence" was one the worst most hideous jokes, crimes, perpetrated against our people until Benghazi happened. Fort Hood and Benghazi will stand as an indictment of the Obama administration, its left-wing careerist cronies, and the so-called "mainstream media" for decades to come. If you are an American, a patriot, support the Fort Hood folks and write your congressman to reclassify it as "an act of terror"; which is exactly what it was.

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