Accurate & Responsive Precision Mortar

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The Precision Extended Range Munition (PERM) is a U.S. Marine Corps program that adds a precision mortar munition to the existing suite of 120 mm ballistic mortars fired from the mobile launching system (Expeditionary Fire Support System or EFSS). A precision mortar, sometimes called a "smart weapon," is a guided mortar designed to hit a specific target. The Raytheon PERM solution combines GPS guidance with a unique, aerodynamic design to improve accuracy. It has double the range of current ballistic mortars, while reducing delivery errors. Such range and precision is essential for reducing collateral damage, logistical requirements and target bracketing.

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  1. TaLiBaNxHuNtEr
    TaLiBaNxHuNtEr Dec 19, 2014

    @yaodejiuni,Please stop posting this scam on every new vid, its really annoying, Thanks.

  2. Mottlee
    Mottlee Dec 19, 2014

    dunno, To me it looked like they MISSED the target

  3. 33482127
    33482127 Dec 21, 2014

    if you think it missed then you have no idea about weaponry system, mortars, MRBM and ICBM!

  4. Mottlee
    Mottlee Dec 21, 2014

    I used to run 155s so yes I do

  5. 33806072
    33806072 Mar 31, 2015

    The Customer defined "miss", you can google the CEP requirement. These are hits.

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