NRA Goes on Offensive Over Ban

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NRA ad exposes the idiocy, and the hypocrisy, of the current push to limit the 2nd amendment rights of the law abiding citizens.

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  1. U.SNavy1
    U.SNavy1 Feb 20, 2013

    I agree with this video completly.

  2. craigbrackey
    craigbrackey Apr 30, 2013

    The NRA needs to stop and realize that it is not Obama, but Republicans who have shown repeatedly just how irresponsible they are! And could care less about the citizens of this country! Get real NRA! Obama is not the problem, just look at what BUSH JR. a Republican has done to this country and Social Security. Giving the citizens social security too his good buddies, the rich! Obama has not done this, a crook and a thieve did! Obama just has tried to clean up Bush Juniors attempt to destroy this country! Bush Jr. should have been put behind bars along with his good buddies the rich!

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