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UFO Sightings Captured by the ISS

Apparently these are legit recordings from the ISS showing unidentified flying objects. IF these have not been doctored, what could they be? I'd like to hear an explanation.

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  1. 9100619
    9100619 Apr 01, 2013


  2. 30677226
    30677226 May 03, 2013


  3. 32096555
    32096555 Jan 31, 2014

    Photo of UFO being escorted by Air Force jets:

  4. titanmondo
    titanmondo Feb 01, 2014

    They weren't weather balloons...UFO'S

  5. 32096555
    32096555 Feb 14, 2014

    UFO up on the lube rack at Area 51: What the Hell? Is it ours being built or theirs that we are studying? What’s your guess? More pics at:

  6. 32096555
    32096555 Feb 14, 2014

    Did you realize that former military Remote Viewers are actually spying on aliens? Wondering what they have learned from these extraterrestrials?

  7. 32096555
    32096555 Feb 23, 2014

    UFOs? Aliens? What's going on? Many of the answers to these questions can be found in The Blue Planet Project Book. It was banned by Amazon. (is the gov’t sensitive about their connections with aliens?) But it is still available from publisher:

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