UFO Sightings Captured by the ISS

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Apparently these are legit recordings from the ISS showing unidentified flying objects. IF these have not been doctored, what could they be? I'd like to hear an explanation.

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  1. 9100619
    9100619 Apr 02, 2013


  2. 30677226
    30677226 May 03, 2013


  3. titanmondo
    titanmondo Feb 02, 2014

    They weren't weather balloons...UFO'S

  4. 32096555
    32096555 Jun 06, 2016

    Would you be able to handle disclosure? On March 6, 1981 At Camp David, Maryland The CIA briefed President Reagan about what the CIA knew regarding UFOs and ALIEN VISITATION of EARTH! And now the transcript has been published! Is this for real? You decide. Some may find the details to be shocking and it may forever affect how you look at the subject of aliens and UFOs! http://www.blue-planet-project.com/Reagan-Roswell-UFO.html

  5. 36574367
    36574367 Dec 16, 2017

    From: https://science.nasa.gov/science-news/science-at-nasa/2002/17may_issmeteors May 17, 2002: "It looked like we were seeing UFOs approaching the earth flying in formation, three or four at a time," recalls astronaut Frank Culbertson. "There were hundreds per minute going beneath us, really spectacular!" That was last November, and Culbertson, then the commander of the International Space Station (ISS), was watching the 2001 Leonid meteor storm. No UFOs, just lots and lots of "shooting stars."

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