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Hello Kitty Says Bye Bye to Earth

Future NASA rocket scientist, AKA 7th grade girl, builds a rocket and sends Hello Kitty into the upper atmosphere. Check out the 2:15 mark when the balloon explodes and the parachute deploys. Nice work. Story - ANTIOCH -- Lauren Rojas' Hello Kitty has boldly gone where no doll has before. And the popularity of the toy's trek into near space -- evidenced by more than 376,000 views on YouTube as of Thursday afternoon -- is taking the Antioch teen to new heights.Rojas, 13, a seventh-grader at Cornerstone Christian School, recently sent the doll into the stratosphere on a faux-rocket as part of a class science project. The Hello Kitty weather balloon traveled 93,625 feet above the planet and was airborne for about 90 minutes.

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