Surveillance at the Next Level: P-8 Poseidon

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The Navy aims to update its P-3 surveillance squadrons with reconfigured Boeing 737s -- we take a closer look at the aircraft at the Farnborough Air Show.

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  1. 32649819
    32649819 Jul 18, 2014

    P-8 procurement fits the Boeing Military mission objective of bringing forward the best in aviation from its vast vault of proven innovation for an in buget value. Meaning it will keep US Military power beyond the advisary or what ever threatens the US.

  2. MadDogVAQ33
    MadDogVAQ33 Aug 02, 2015

    Captain Dillon is wearing Naval Flight Officer wings...he is NOT a "test pilot."

  3. MadDogVAQ33
    MadDogVAQ33 Aug 02, 2015

    In the EP-3B/E we ran missions as long as 14.4 hours. Mission schedule was 10 hours takeoff to landing and 12-hour missions were most common. Is the EP-8A going to be able to handle mission lengths required in ESM?

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