Vintage Aircraft at USAF Air Show

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"American Giants crew deviated a bit from muffler men to visit the air show at Williamson County Airport in Marion, IL. The Commemorative Air Force flew up from Midland TX and joined with The Warbird Tribute To Veterans to put on a great display both on the ground and in the air. Special thank to them and also Charles Rodriguez for letting us get some great footage of the birds. Present was a B-25, B-24, B-29 and a P-51 Mustang as well an AT-6 and even a Curtiss-Wright SB2C Helldiver."

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  1. 36206000
    36206000 Jun 16, 2017

    For those of you who might be interested...The Old Parks College facility in Cahokia is being restored. To serve as a home for homeless Vets...Military museum(s) Other community services. The Parks College Campus is the site of the first FAA Aviation school in the US. Opened in 1927...two months after Charles flew the Atlantic. Has played host to all the famous flyers of the 20'...into the 90's. This community is very aware of the historical value of this site...its buildings...which are very much intact. Hangers...offices...even the Chapel. The Complex is within a couple of miles from St. Louis Parks Airport . The Complex itself has the original runways located behind it...once used by the likes of Charles "slim" Lindbergh..Earhart..Doolittle Meeting coming up in the Village hall...Cahokia Ill. July 2017. If you believe you would like to attend..that you would like to be involved in creating a vintage museum inside the complex...or anyway you can help... please contact the Deputy Village Clerk 337-9500 Ms. Duncan They are so excited about this push to save this Historical aviation landmark... google Parks AIR College. Or you can Contact Harman Dickerson on.facebook.

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